SEO Competitor Analysis

How to steal your competitors' traffic
SEO Competitor Analysis
How to steal your competitors’ traffic

SEO Competitor Analysis

How to steal your competitors’ traffic

SEO competitor analysis works as a powerful research strategy to help you rank higher, get more traffic, and earn more conversions. Its magic happens by uncovering SEO opportunities you’ll not have seen otherwise.

Competitor analysis helps successfully answer questions like:

  • Who are my actual SEO competitors?

  • What keywords should I target?

  • What topics should I cover?

  • Where am I able to find links?

  • What do I would like to beat the competition?


There are many ways to try and do a competitive analysis for SEO, but the essential principle works like this: analyze what’s working for your competition (keywords, content, links, etc.) and leverage this intelligence to spice up your own SEO efforts.

What exactly is SEO Competitor Analysis?

SEO competitive analysis involves researching the links, keywords, content, and more of your SEO competitors so as to reverse-engineer the foremost successful elements of those tactics into your own SEO strategy.

Instead of guessing which keywords to focus on, content to form, or links to make, you’ll be able to instead see what’s already working for others, and devolve on that success.

Consider a real-world example. Imagine you use a food market. One in all three competing stores in town. Your customers are happy, but you recognize they also visit other stores because they cannot buy everything in one place. So you persist a road trip to assemble competitive intelligence. You visit the opposite stores to grasp the popular items they provide. By offering these things yourself — or maybe superior ones — you help your customers make fewer trips, and successively, you gain more business.

There are some ways to try and do a competitor analysis for SEO. Consider this your starter guide. Here’s what we’ll cover:

  • Finding Your True SEO Competitors ‘SEO Competitor Analysis’

This may sound obvious, but before you’ll be able to do any SEO competitive analysis, you would like to grasp who your search competitors actually are. you will think you recognize, but until you dive into the info, it isn’t always obvious.

  • Keyword Gap Analysis ‘SEO Competitor Analysis’

Competitive keyword analysis -sometimes called keyword gap analysis – might be a process of identifying valuable keywords that your competitors rank highly for, which you are doing not

Keywords are a technique to develop content ideas. Another is to seem at your competitors’ top-performing content.
In this case, we’re curious about which content earned our competitors the foremost links. Since links are necessary for ranking — indeed, they’re one in every of the largest ranking factors — it is sensible to specialize in topics that others wish to link to

  • Link Gap Analysis

Similar to our process with keywords, a link gap analysis works to spot links your competitors have earned that you just may additionally obtain.
Links are important for ranking. Actually, t is darn difficult to rank without links. Conversely, good links are difficult to get. So we use intelligence and data to see where we’d find good links that are somewhat easier to get. But where are these places?

The answer: sites that have already linked to your competitors, but haven’t linked to you. In theory and practice, this works because the sites linking to your competitors have already demonstrated that they’re inquisitive about the topic. If you’ll show them that your resource is significantly better than your competitors, you have got a better-than-average chance of earning a link yet.

  • Google SERP Analysis

Typically, it isn’t enough to grasp the correct keywords to focus on. If you wish to win traffic, you wish to grasp searcher intent for your keyword.
This means getting inside the mind of the searcher to know what they’re searching for. This seems impossible, yet fortunately, Google has done 99% of the work for you. Simply start by Googling the keyword you wish to focus on.


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